A little handiwork…

Good morning…I headed out yesterday for Brownwood with Allyson.  We are visiting Howard Payne University and enjoying some mother/daughter time.  Howard Payne is in the top 3 of her college choices and this is her second visit.  We are going for a “second round” to each of the colleges and praying that God will help us decide which one is the best fit for her.  Please join us in praying for our decision making.  I really want HER to have peace about the process and her final decision.

I thought I’d also thank you for your kind words to me this past week.  Several friends have called and commented on my post about feeling frustrated about time and not always being able to post new things.  Some of you were perceptive enough to realize that the “tone” of my post left you feeling like I was struggling a bit last week, and I really was.  I had to come home from my trip and receive some news about my mom that was hard to digest.  She has a few medical concerns going on and there is not a clear diagnosis yet.  I don’t want to go into details in such a public manner, but I’d appreciate your prayers as I our family  deals with this.   There is alot more to the story, but I would like to ask for your prayers on Tuesday as she goes to her next medical appointment. 

And now I thought I’d show you a little bit of needlework that I’ve been playing with here and there….these will be Christmas gifts eventually…

These are Tea Towels that I’m embroidering on.  I’ve added a photo of the pattern at the end.  I purchased this pattern at Tomorrow’s Quilts in Waco, TX.  I decided to not add the days of the week tags that you will see on the pattern.  I’m just doing the flower pots.  I will add fabric at the corners after I finish them.  The second one is NOT finished…….you can see my pencil lines, but I still thought I’d show you my work in progress.  

My club classes will be meeting next Monday and Tuesday and I  will be working alot this week on those projects.  In between all my other STUFF, I will be getting busy stamping!  Have a great week!!!

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