Finally decorated for fall!

Today is another big day for us…….we have a HUGE inspection today by the State of Texas Residential Child Care Licensing. (In case you don’t know me well, we are foster parents, so this is why we have to go through this inspection.) This particular inspection occurs only once every 2 years……..and today is our “lucky day”!  I still can’t believe it has been 2 years since they last came to the house…..I vividly remember it like it was yesterday.  Now before you say “no problem, Dawn — your house is perfect!”……let me tell you that it is NOT about my house being clean.  Although it would NOT be a good thing if they came and saw a dirty house.  But this particular lady makes sure that all my other things are in order and up to date…..things like the Health Dept. Inspection, the Fire Inspection, our pet vaccinations, our Fire Extinguisher……..and then she asks me a million questions about our licensing agency, our CPS caseworker, everything!  If I don’t answer correctly, or present the proper documents at the drop of a hat, I can get in trouble.  It will be OK, and I am not worried about it, but let’s just say that I really will breathe easier when she is gone!  The appt. is at 11:00 today, so by lunch, I should be OK.  🙂

So in the process of cleaning and dusting and organizing this weekend, I decided to go ahead and get out all my fall decorations.  I intended on doing this about 2 weeks ago, but with our anniversary trip, I just got a little behind.  I love getting out my fall decorations and remembering where all of them came from and thinking about the MANY years that I’ve had some of the little decorations.  These little guys are some of our family favorites…

So, I’m dying to know if any of you REMEMBER these or STILL have these little Halloween guys from McDonald’s???  I actually think that I used to have a fourth one, but we’ve only had three for at least the past 5 years.  Inside of these little Halloween costumes, you will find a chicken nugget, shown below without the costume…

I have to tell you that these silly little plastic treats are very special to my family and they have been taken apart and played with by my girls for a long, long time!  My 13 year old even asked where they were on Saturday when I started to unpack the boxes.  I have alot of fall decorations that we leave up through Thanksgiving, but only a few that are specifically Halloween.  I guess I’m just a little too sentimental for my own good, but I just wanted to show you something special in our house. 

Allyson and I had a great visit to Howard Payne.  It is definitely a place that I would gladly send my daughter and feel confident about every aspect of her education.  She said that she wanted to make her decision by Christmas, so we shall see….

Today is my mom’s doctor’s appointment, so I’d appreciate prayers for our inspection and her doctor’s appt.  I’m hoping to STAMP after lunch!!!!

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  1. I totally remember those from when I was a kid! I’m sure if I dug through boxes in my parents’ attic I would find them.

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