Christmas Quilt

Yesterday, I showed you a Charm Pack from one of Moda’s new Christmas collections.  I took the charm pack and sewed all 42 of the charm squares together to make  the center for a small throw quilt.  I’m pleased with the colors and the fabrics, and I can’t wait to work on it even more.   I went and bought  2 fabrics for borders.  A small 2″ red border will be sewn on first and then a larger 5″ border of the green print.  (Both of these fabrics can be seen in the second row, blocks 3 and 4) If I’d had my choice, I would have chosen some different prints for the borders, but my local quilt shop only has about 5 of these fabrics on the bolt.  So, I was quite limited on my choices.  I didn’t want to spend more money (or time) finding it on the internet and ordering that way……….although I have been known to do that many times! 🙂

I have already cut out the borders and the strips for the binding, and hopefully I can sew some more later on in the week.  I’m also going to quilt this little quilt myself, and I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going.  I plan on doing diagonal lines from corner to corner, so each square will have an “X” going through it.  I have a great “game plan” if I can just execute it!  Or find the time to execute it!  I’m also thinking about adding some of our jumbo buttons on some of the intersections where all the points meet.  I love the new buttons in the Holiday Mini Catalog  — and I think the colors will be perfect, with the exception of the pink buttons.  I will save them for another project.  I can ALWAYS use more pink things…I’d appreciate prayers for travel safety as I go to Ft. Worth today. I’m going to be at the hospital with my brother and SIL while my mom has some medical procedures.  We are praying for all aspects of the day, and that we will remember to be thankful in all circumstances.  We do not know what the day or the future holds, but we are thanking God in all things!!!!

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