What do you do with 490 rectangle segments?

You make a quilt!  Here are the segments…all 490 of them, which actually means 980 squares!  But, not actually…..because I sewed long strips of the “Very Vanilla Material” with strips of the prints, and then cut them into 2 1/2″ segments.  So, it was not as hard as it looks, but try telling that to my wrist.  I cut out about 2/3 of these this summer, right before convention, and it took my wrist about a week to recover.  So when I dug this out last week, I was glad that I didn’t have many more segments to cut! 

So, in case you think I have totally lost my mind, I really haven’t.  But it is amazing how many things that I think I can accomplish.  Particularly when it involves fabric.  I don’t know what it is about the Quilt Store and JoAnn’s (or Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, for that matter) that makes me THINK I have so many more hours in my days.  These stores cast a “spell” on me when I walk in there and make me think that I have time and money for yet, another project.  So, I am becoming the queen of unfinished quilts, I guess you’d say.   This lovely quilt is a “Quilt Along”.  What’s that, you ask???  Well, I didn’t know of any such thing — until I found one on a blog.  Yes, there are quilters who blog — but not as many as stampers, I don’t think!  Some of the quilters will do this little “quilt along” thing where they tell you what materials to buy and give you something to do each week.  You just do what they say to do each week, and at the end of the “quilt along” you will have a quilt!  Sounds so incredibly easy and fun, and that’s why I joined (in June, that is!!!)  And I am proud to say that I am on week 5 or 6…….guess I was not such a good student.  My summer schedule kept me behind on the assignments before I ever got started on the assignments!  And, no, I didn’t know that we would be cutting 490 segments for this quilt BEFORE I started.  You see, they grab you and entice you, and then you buy all your fabric, and you’re sunk!  You gotta keep going then!

Well, I really can finish this now.  I feel like I’m to the easy part, except that each “round” is getting larger, so a little more time involved sewing and pressing.  We started out with just the little square (4 squares) in the center of this photo and built it out from there.  I think I counted and there are 5 more time to go all the way around.  I am in love with the colors — all shades of pink and chocolate chip.  The pink resembles our new “Blushing Bride” in that it has a little peach hint to it, and is not a true pink.  It was about to storm when I took these photos and they are a little dark, but you get the idea.  I will continue to show you the progress.  I’m not sure what I will do with this, or who I might give it to……but I am just having fun along the way. 

Here’s a photo that’s a  little closer up and maybe you can see the various prints a little better.  In case you want to check out where I found this, go to Crazy Mom Quilts.  I am very inspired by her quilts and how much SHE gets accomplished.  Much the same way that many of YOU always tell me that you can’t imagine how I get things done — well this gal amazes me with how many quilts she gets done!  And her blog has led me to discover others.  I’m getting nervous about how much I like making quilts. 

Oh, and my friend Jan came over last week and taught me how to knit!  It was about the only hobby I really wanted to learn but had never been able to do.  I had read all kinds of books, but I just didn’t get it until Jan worked with me.  Oh my, another hobby…..but it was nice to work on it during my hours at the hospital with my mom yesterday.  I usually can’t stamp or quilt on the go.  But knitting is a very portable hobby…..hmmm…..

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  1. I love the quilt top. The colors are beautiful and you inspire me to get sewing! The Christmas quilt is precious, too. I love Moda fabrics!

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