A glimpse at my weekend…

Friday festivities:

Friday was the last school day before Halloween.  I’m not really into the spooky, witchy kinda stuff, but I like a good excuse to send treats to school for the teachers.  I made 24 of these so the kids could deliver them to the teachers, and we took 2 of them to Josiah’s teachers at the daycare.   The candy corn stamp is a stamp that I have had for many years…….way before I ever became a demonstrator.  My friend Karie came up with the little poem several years ago when we were using these for Teacher Appreciation gifts.  Hope you can use it — it can also make a cute gift for Thanksgiving, so it is NOT too late!

Friday night was our last HOME football game.  It was also our PINK OUT Pep Rally and everyone wore pink to support Breast Cancer awareness.  Our cheerleaders sold Lorena Pink Out shirts and raised $550 on the sales of the shirts.   Here they are during the National Anthem at our football game.  They wore their pink shirts over their cheerleader uniforms for the first half of the game.  Lindsey is the second cheerleader from the left.  We defeated our biggest “cross-town rival” and remain undefeated in district play!  We are first in our district and are guaranteed a trip to the playoffs!

Grammy, PawPaw and Daddy came to watch the game!

After the game, the Seniors of 2011 had their Senior Walk.  They lined up at one end of the field and walked slowly to the other end while music played.   It was somewhat sad, but I managed to keep the tears away.  I think I will be really sad when our LAST football game actually occurs….but thankfully we’ve got a few weeks until that time.

Allyson is in the middle with the brown UGG boots on.

Then they ran through this sign that they had made at school.  Many of them had signed it, and then they tried to find their piece of paper after it got all torn up.  They traditionally save it for their Senior Scrapbook…

And she was happy to find her name!

Here are two of her best friends — twins Shane and Shelby. 


Saturday was relatively calm……Allyson left to go to Austin for a fun weekend doing all things UT.  She experienced her first HOME game at the University of Texas stadium, got to go on the field for band practice, go to a family BBQ, see Colt McCoy’s jersey retired, and the list goes on and on and on!  She had a grand ol’ time and barely made it home in time to return to school!

The rest of us had a pretty fun day, too.  Charles and I went to another football game with some friends, Lindsey went to see our volleyball team playoff game, and Sarah spent time with a friend from school.  All in all, a very fun day for everyone.

Sunday – Happy Halloween!!!

On Sunday, I was a hostess for a Bridal Shower.  I made 114 mini-cupcakes for the table.  I was pretty pleased with how they turned out.  I made 3 kinds of cake — spice cake, french vanilla, and chocolate.  I frosted all of them with Chocolate or Cream Cheese frosting and added some toppings to some of them…

The ones on the left have crushed toffee pieces on them, just in case you wondered.

Everything turned out beautiful!  The centerpiece was so pretty, and we used a real pumpking for the base.  In addition to the cupcakes we had fruit kabobs, spinach dip/crackers, chicken salad bites, and carrots.  It really looked great and our guests were full of compliments.  It was a really large shower, so I was super tired when it was all said and done.  Totally worth it, though!

Halloween is next…..and we didn’t really do anything exciting.  We went to my in-laws for a quick bite to eat with the entire family.  We haven’t all been together since Easter, I suppose, and I’m not even 100% sure if my niece (who’s away at college) was home then.  It was fun to visit and take a few photos of the baby, but we were so tired that we didn’t stay long.    But Josiah was NOT tired….just look at these smiles!  I think I’d be smiling and laughing if I’d had 2 naps in one afternoon!  How about you? 

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