Blame it on the magazine…

Yep!  Blame it on the magazine that my friend Deborah showed me……..and my lack of will power!  Yep!  I bought the magazine and some more fabric!  Guess that won’t surprise you!  In all seriousness, if you ever get a Gooseberry Patch Book or Magazine, you will absolutely LOVE IT!  I probably have 7 or 8 of their books (not necessarily Christmas versions) and they have THE BEST ideas for cooking and crafting.  They are cute, creative, and yummy!  I have gotten numerous ideas from their publications for years, and this one is no exception! 

When my friend Deborah showed me a few things that she liked in the magazine, I couldn’t get to the store fast enough!  I thumbed through her copy and several projects caught my attention.  But the page  that first caught my eye was this one:

These potholders (remember the Pot Pinchers?) are a little different and I loved the little pocket on this style.  I plan on putting a few recipe cards in the pocket, along with some small whisks and wooden spoons that I purchased several months ago.  I found them at JoAnn’s, but don’t expect to find them there now, as this was several months ago.  One of those things that I snatched up and stashed away for Christmas.   This pattern said to use a bath towel for the terry cloth inner layers.  However, I decided it would be more cost effective to purchase terry cloth yardage ($6.99 a yard, and even cheaper with a coupon).  I was able to cut 6 Oven Mitt Sets out of 1/2 yard of terry cloth.  The cloth on the front is a vintage dishtowel that they cut up to make these mitts.  I decided to use material instead and not bother to search for the dishtowels.   Here are the fabrics I cut out — the blue cupcakes are left over from an apron that I made my Sister-in-law last year.  The pink cupcakes and polka dots are from the Cabbage Rose Quilt Shop in Ft. Worth. 

I haven’t made the bias binding for them yet, but I plan to use a solid red binding on the blue fabric, and polka dotted binding on the pink fabric.  I don’t really like the pre-packaged bias tapes — I prefer to make my own to match my projects.  If you are a beginner, you might want to just purchase some, but it comes in a limited amount of colors, and I’m pretty picky about my colors matching!  So, I recommend you buy a little metal gadget that helps you make your own bias tape with strips of fabric.  They are about $6, and well worth the money! 

That’s all for now, folks!  I got all the samples finished for Club next week, and you can look forward to seeing those projects next week.  I’m happy with the “final 3” and I think you will be, too.  Come back tomorrow for another fun stampin’ project!

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