Mini Card Set from Dee

First of all……I’m so thankful for our Veterans today (and always).  I’m happy that I can go to my daughter’s Middle School and see her perform in the Veteran’s Day program again this year.  It was very special last year.  She will play the French Horn with the band and this year she will also be doing a reading ( not sure what from).  I’m thankful that our school district honors our Veterans!  After that we will hurry over to the High School for the Playoff Pep Rally!!!!  We have our first playoff game tonight and we are very excited to see the LEOPARDS GO UP AGAINST THE BLACKCATS!  It will be quite a match-up and we are hoping the Leopards will come out on top in the “big cat match!”‘


I have been meaning to photograph this special little gift that Dee brought me, and finally remembered to take them!  I have had it sitting on my counter for 3 weeks now — I love seeing Dee’s special things she makes me each month, and I still have some of them in my kitchen because they make me so happy each time I see them.  I do that with the cards you all send me, too.  It makes my heart sing to see them so often — as we know that moms tend to LIVE in the kitchen! (or is that  the Laundry room?)

This is the cutest little miniature notecard set!  She used the Scallop Envelope Bigz Die from page 206 to make the box.  You have to trim the bottom flap and use Sticky Strip to hold it all together. 

Then she made 3 adorable cards to slide inside the box.  Notice the Petals-a-Plenty embossing folder that she used to add texture t the cards, and the rinestones?  WOW!  What a big difference you see on the cards when you add just a tiny little something! 

Here’s what the back looks like, just to give you a visual…….if you’re like me you really need to see the pictures all the way around!

Have a super fantastic day and weekend……I might not find time to blog again until Sunday.  I’m going to Ft. Worth tomorrow to attend 2 doctor appts. with my mom.  We will meet 2 oncologists to determine our next steps.  Then, on Saturday, I am going to Austin with Allyson again to see her friend march in the UT game.  His parents are really fun to be around, so it will be another fun trip, but the game isn’t until 7 p.m. so it will be a LATE NIGHT! 

CLUB CLASSES on Monday and Tuesday……just a reminder!  If you live locally and would like to be a visitor at one of the classes, please send me a message.  I don’t mind having extras AT ALL, but I need to know in advance so I will cut plenty of paper. 

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