Weekend Highlights!

Well, better start with Thursday night….that’s when our “weekend” started with our playoff game.  We had a wonderful time at the game, and the weather was perfect!  The rain didn’t fall, but the Mexia Blackcats did!!!  Look at this final score!  Lorena 21, Mexia 6

Sarah, Tanner, Bri, and Allyson ready to cheer on the Leopards!

Dad and Josiah came along, too!  Charles didn’t have to officiate a game until Friday night, so got to go with us and “evaluate” the other officials.  It is a REAL treat to watch a football game with an official.  22 years of doing that has pretty much ruined him — he is trained to watch for things that normal eyes do NOT see……..it is crazy!

Lindsey cheering on the boys……..the JV and Varsity cheerleaders both cheered because of it being a playoff game. 

On Friday, I went to Ft. Worth with my mom.  It was a rather LONG day, but everything went well.  We met with 2 different oncologists and she will have a few more tests run.  We should find out more on December 3rd.   Thanks for all of your prayers!  I took advantage of a little “retail therapy” on my way home from Ft. Worth.  I managed to pick up a few Christmas presents at TJ Maxx, one of my favorite discount stores (that I wish we had in Waco!).

On Saturday, I went with Allyson to Austin to see her friend, Collin, march in the UT Band.  His parents went with us and we had such an awesome time.  We were able to attend practice with the Longhorn Band, eat a BBQ meal, watch drumline practice, watch the pre-game, football game, half-time, and everything!  It was a very long day……….this old lady got home at 3 am!!!  I really felt like a kid out past curfew!  I am definitely too old to survive a Sunday on 3 hours of sleep.  I had to be at church at 7:30 a.m. so I was pretty tired!  Sunday afternoon nap took on a whole new meaning!!!!  So here are a few of my favorite memories.

We went to the UT Co-op to shop a bit……and this is the statue outside.  This store was very overwhelming.  THREE stories of nothing but UT merchandise.  It was a “first” that I will never forget!  I bought my dear friend, Katie, a really cute longhorn Christmas shirt.  Can’t wait to mail it to her!  She ‘bleeds” burnt orange and I thought about her all day long!

This photo was taken at lunch — well, very late 3:30 lunch after the practice.

Allyson wanted a photo sitting on the turf for her senior scrapbook. Cute!

Collin and his parents at the drumline practice (right before the game).

The half-time show was a tribute to the Veterans and all things patriotic.  This was an awesome formation that said “THANKS VETS”.  I took about 100 pictures throughout the day…….but I won’t bore you with any more! 

COME BACK TOMORROW to see the club projects.  Our club classes meet tonight and tomorrow night.  I have 3 great project to show you the next 3 days. 

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