Another completion!

I finally finished my Christmas quilt………well, let me start over.  I finished my Christmas quilt about a week ago, but I still haven’t sewn any buttons on it.  I had originally thought I’d sew some of the Stampin’ Up! Extra-Large buttons (from the Holiday Mini) on it, but now I’m reconsidering.  And I really don’t want to sew them all on, to be quite honest. ” Just not feelin’ it”, as my kids would say.  Believe me, I have alot more unfinished projects that have to be done in 28 days.  So, let’s just say I better not slow down enough to sew on a multitude of buttons, for crying out loud!

I got really brave on my quilting and decided to do a scalloped design on the outer border.  I got out  a bunch of cups and bowls from my cabinet and figured out which one was the perfect size to match up with the width of the squares.  I cut a template out of chipboard, and went to town drawing scallops with my fabric pencils.  When I got to the corner, I ended up using a baby formula can for the perfect size 🙂

Here’s my favorite part — the corners!   I love how it turned out and it’s wrapped around my legs right this very minute!  Charles doesn’t like it so much — it’s too small he says.  He isn’t impressed with my “throw” size quilts.  He’s got such long legs and all — well, he thinks all quilts need to be king sized.  Ha!  Well, now if I can only convince him to let me buy enough fabric to make all of my quilts big enough for his approval……. that’ll be the day! 

I hope you had a fun day — and maybe did some shopping!?  I had a wonderful morning shopping, although I didn’t really get much checked off of my list.  I did drop a bit of change at JoAnn’s and Tomorrow’s Quilts, though.  Yep, confession time.  I spent more money on fabric — but it was on sale and you know a woman has to buy things on sale!

Speaking of sale……….you have until Tuesday, November 30th to stock up on Stampin’ Up!’s sale……..and you can shop in your jammies!  The very best kind of sale!

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