Kimi’s Blanket

I thought I’d show you Kimi’s blanket that I finally finished.  I started it when she was pretty tiny, and she is now a little over 2 years old!  I wanted to give it to her for her birthday, and I didn’t get it finished.  And then I wanted to give it to her on National Adoption Day……..but we ended up not getting to see her.  Some of you may not know, but she was adopted into God’s chosen family on  November 20th.   We are singing praises for God’s provision for her precious life.  There were many days where we wondered and struggled with whether she would be adopted at all, let alone such a perfect family that loves her unconditionally.  She still has many special needs, but she is walking, signing, and progressing in a few verbal words, as well.  She is such a joy to all of us — and she was adopted by a family that truly adopted us, as well.  We will get to see Kimi this weekend, and we are eternally grateful for so many chances to see her.  So, I plan to give this crocheted blanket to her and pray that she will keep it forever as a special keepsake. This small, throw size should be a perfect fit for her.   It is made of 100% cotton thread, and it is really bright and colorful — just like Kimi!

I found this simple, simple pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn website.  I guess now that I’m enjoying quilting so much, I ought to think about making her a quilt.  It might be done by the time she turns 4…….huh?

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  1. It’s beautiful, Dawn! I love the soft feel of the cotton yarn, perfect for Kimi. I will have to show you the afghan that I finally fished over Thanksgiving.

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