December Club Project #2 and Family Updates

Deck the Halls fabric and Deck the Halls Paper have coordinated to make a perfect little gift card holder.  I fell in love with this idea when I saw it on a blog.  It really caught my attention with that fabric, and I liked the ease of using the 2 Tags Die and punches, also.  You make this little “pocket” by using 2 of the tags.  You will cut off the scalloped edge of one of them.  Then glue it on top of the second tag. I cut 1″ strips of our Deck the Halls fabric instead of using ribbon.  You can wrap the fabric around the card and tie it in a knot (the snowman tag) or you can tie it in a bow and attach it with glue dots.  My strips weren’t long enough to wrap it around AND tie in a bow.  But if you cut your fabric differently, I’m sure you’d have enough length.  I just happened to have cut mine all out on the “short” end of the fabric. 

Another little thing to note, I sponged the edges with Early Espresso ink for an added dimension and using Very Vanilla ribbon at the top for the ties.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.  I’ve been just a wee bit busy, to say the least.  And I’ve been subbing alot, too.  Seems like the teachers have been affected alot with sickness, jury duty, etc.  Guess it is that time of year………and I am going to enjoy having the extra money for my Christmas shopping.  🙂

On Friday, we met with my mom’s oncologists, so I was gone all day to Ft. Worth.  Her cancer is Follicular Lymphoma and it has spread significantly throughout her body.  However, for this type of cancer (small cell, slow growing) the recommendation is to NOT proceed with treatment at this time.  I know it sounds crazy, and I had my doubts, believe me!  But I have done some reading and we have talked with 2 oncologists, and this is truly the recommendation that they give for her specific case.  She will have a CT scan and more bloodwork done every 3 months to watch and see what happens.  We are thrilled that we don’t have to enter into chemo at this time, and she may be able to avoid that for many years.  It is truly and wait and see approach.  We will continue to pray for many more years of having mom around in our lives.  Only God knows the plan, but we are trusting and praying.  God’s word in Romans tells me that “God works together for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose”.  We are claiming God’s word that He has a purpose for all our lives, and that we will continue to live life to its fullest.   It is of great comfort to me right now that God is working in our lives, despite the fact that the medical diagnosis is not favorable.  Things could be SO MUCH WORSE, and we are reminding ourselves of that each and every day.  May God continue to teach us lessons through this challenging circumstance.

On another note, we were able to safely travel to/from Pasadena on Saturday for a gorgeous wedding of a dear, dear friend.  Ronda has been a special friend and used to babysit the girls for us, especially when we went on long trips.  She has been waiting a very long time to find God’s chosen person for her, and we are so blessed to have seen God’s hand at work in her life.  It has been a great lesson for my girls to watch, as several men have come and gone over the years.   I’m thankful that she was patient and that my girls were able to see God’s prvision in her life. 

We had our Adult Choir Christmas Concert last night at church, so we were at church most of the day rehearsing and performing.  It was a gorgous evening of praise and worship.  But, as always, I’m a little tired from the busy weekend.  And there is no time to slow down at all!  So, better stop typing and move on to the next thing on the agenda!  Club Class is meeting tonight, and I look forward to seeing more stampin’ friends!

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