It’s that time of year!

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas…….but it is taking every bit of energy I can muster up!  I refused to get out the Christmas Tree (more on that in a minute)………but this little one is on my kitchen counter.  I am not thinking this picture does it justice, but it is really cute!  I tied some of our Stampin’ Up! fabric on it to give it a homespun feel, and bought new ornaments this year, too.  I cut the strips at about 3/4″ but if you look closely, I also used teeny tiny 1/8″ strips to hang the ornaments. 

But back to the big tree, the “real” Christmas tree……..I am pretty bummed about it, to tell you the truth.  I was planning on replacing the tree this year and I waited too long.  I got too distracted back in October and November, and I guess I was in denial about Christmas quickly approaching.  All of the stores are sold out, and even the online resources didn’t work out either.  I waited too long to make my decision.  Our “old” tree is 20 years old, and has really been a gorgeous tree.  We bought it the day after Christmas when we first got married, and it is a beauty……..well, it WAS a beauty.  It  is getting really sad, as it has shed MANY of its pine needles.  I feel sure that I have also had to buy 2 new vacuums during our marriage simply from dealing with this tree and its shedding!  It is rediculous.  But, my husband (who is the most frugal thing ever) has even agreed that this will most definitely be the very last year for the tree.  It will be gorgeous once we get all the ornaments on it, but that’s the story!  That’s why I had been dreading the tree, and in fact did not touch it at all.  I let Charles do it all………every last bit of the assembly, the vacuuming, and the lights.  Now I will try to help with the ornaments and hopefully get some help from the girls.  It’s kinda sad that they aren’t super duper excited about putting up the tree any more.  Just another part of growing up that I really don’t like! 

I’m sorry that I don’t have any new projects to show you.  But I did get a package of new SU products in the mail today — new things from the Occasions Mini Catalog that I could pre-order.  AND….my very first EVER digital album came in the mail today!  I am so excited and very pleased with it.  Although my dear husband did point out a typo, and it really bummed me.  I can’t tell you how many times we read and read and re-read the text.  It is “the” instead of “they”, so spell-check did not come to my rescue on that one!  Oh, well, things happen……..I will have to get over it.  But the album is gorgeous and I can’t wait to show it to you. I know there  is a way to put it on my blog, I just need to figure that one out.  Ummmmm, after I get some sleep, that is!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll post more goodies asap!  I’m mostly working on teacher gifts this weekend and finishing up a few family gifts, as well.  I will take photos and share as many as I can.  But I’ll have to hold off on some of them until after Dec. 25th to prevent ruining some surprises.   I love keeping good surprises!!!!

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