Christmas Photo Ornament

Well, another weekend has come and gone — and I’m sad to say that it was another busy weekend with NO TIME TO STAMP!  But I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of time to work on finishing some potholders — and threw the timing out on my sewing machine in the process!  Not sure what happened — and I have never done that in 25 years of sewing.  My wonderful “fix-it-all” husband did quite a bit of online research, and thought he had discovered how to fix her up……..only to have it happen 3 times again yesterday afternoon!  So…..guess there’s a little more to it that he thought.  I’m pretty bummed, but I do have a back-up that workds fairly well.  At least good enough to finish the last little bit of my Christmas gifts.  I’m going to drop it off to be repaired after I finish subbing today and we will see what happens…….I have a feeling I might be getting a pretty big bill for this one.  Merry Christmas to me! 

So, I was looking for a cute idea for the babies in my Sunday School class.  I work in the nursery and wanted to make them something (well, actually for their parents) and I saw this idea.  I took this photo at Convention last summer and I really like it.  And I especially like the striped ribbon.  Why am I such a sucker for ribbon? 

I have not idea who created this, but I think I will try to make some of these!  The photo isn’t the best — sorry!  But good enough to get you started on another fun project, huh?

Have a great day…….hope your week will be off to a fun start.  I’m hoping that today will be my last day to substitute.  I want to finish the teacher gifts on Tuesday and get them sent to school by Wednesday, at the latest!

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