One more completed project!

I am so excited to have all of my potholders DONE!  One more thing to cross off my list.  I was about to think that this “simple” idea was going to be the bain of my existence.  I have piddled with them a little here and a little there for about a month!  It seemed like such a quick and easy idea, but I hit a few road blocks and then broke my sewing machine trying to finish them on Saturday.  I was about to throw my hands up — but, alas, I managed to find another dose of patience — and now they are done!  I have previously shown you all fo the fabrics, and patterns, I believe.  So, here are the finished projects with few notes…..then they will be packaged up this afternoon and ready for delivery!  The Potpinchers (the oval ones) are going to all the female teachers that the girls have.  I will also add some recipe cards with them.  Just a few of the cute Christmas ones that I found at Michael’s in the dollar bin.  Photos to come later in the week of the cute packaging.  The men will get food — and this year I made them “Frosty Trash”.  The recipe and photos will follow later in the week.  It is definitely a family favorite.  Sarah and I made 3 batches last night and each batch makes a huge amount.  I should have taken photos of our countertops.  The stuff was EVERYWHERE!

This first photo shows the Potholders that I saw in the Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book.  I wrote about it in THIS POST.  I struggled a little bit with my perfectionistic personality.  I really had a tough time making the binding look perfect around the edges and especially around the rounded corners.  I ended up altering the method on two of them and making it more like my quilts.  If you look at the photo below, you’ll notice that I didn’t round the corners and it looks a little cleaner and neater.  It took a little longer, though, because I sewing it by hand on the backside — just like I do my quilt bindings.  I like these much better, but if you weren’t a seamstress, you’d think they were all just fine. 🙂   These potholders will go to some friends of mine, packaged with some Christmas recipe cards and small wooden spoons that I found a long time ago.  I will stick them in the “pocket” on the front for a cute little gift! These last 2 photos show the Potpinchers.  These are ones that broke my sewing machine!  Not that they CAUSED it or anything, but I’m needing someone or something to blame!  Ha!  If you want to see the pattern, or more information on these, see THIS POST.

That’s all for today, folks!  I’ve got to get busy packaging up all these beauties, and Sarah has an orthodontist appt. at noon.  I think that means a lunch date with my youngest!  Better get to working…….I’m also trying to finish up one more sewing project — a surprise for Sarah that she thinks I’ve totally forgotten about!  Yeah………I love surprises!

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  1. Cute cute cute!!! You have been busy!!

  2. They look great,Dawn!!!!

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