Happy Birthday, Allyson!!!

Today is Allyson’s 18th Birthday!  I was blessed with my first daughter as Christmas approached 18 years ago.  She has grown and matured into such a beautiful young lady.   I’m sad that she has the flu and we can’t go do some fun things to celebrate, but once she is well, we will definitely make up for lost time!  I was thinking all day yesterday about the events that led up to her birth — how anxious I was to deliver her — how tired of being pregnant I was — and how much I wanted her to get here before Christmas!  I can thank Dr. Rister for helping get her here a little early — before his ski trip — and making my Christmas extra special! 

At the risk of hearing comments about how we look, and my hairstyle, and all the other silly comments, here is a our first photo as a family of three with our precious Allyson. 

And here we are on Christmas Morning 1992, as we were discharged from the hospital.  Allyson is bundled up in a red stocking!

And here is my gorgeous girl 18 years later………headed to college this next year……..where has the time gone?  I love you dear!!!! I can’t wait to take you and your friends out to celebrate your birthday! 

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  1. To me she is as beautiful as her mother!! Happy 18th Birthday Allyson!! May God bless you with many more years to come!

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