It came and it went…

Well, the day came and the day went.  Kinda sad how time doesn’t stand still — even on very special days like Christmas.  But what a fun day it was (actuallly several days) and I’m still planning on enjoying the rest of this week.  I’m treating it as a holiday and enjoying time with the girls and time with friends.  Charles will be off some, too, so that will be nice.  I’m going to post a little sporadically until the new year rolls around.   Hope you’ll check back often, though, and e-mail me if you have any questions. 

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I’m looking forward to sharing some of the hand-made gifts that I gave away as Christmas presents.  I had to keep some VERY BIG secrets because the recipients read my blog, too.  I couldn’t spoil the surprise!  So, in the next few days I will keep my posts short and sweet, but show you a few of the items I sewed and embroidered for gifts.  I’m also working on a post where I show all the quilts that I finished in 2010 (basically my first year as a quilter).  I’d love to scrapbook all my quilts someday……….hmmm, maybe a digital album for that?  I’ll have to brainstorm on that one.

A few photos……Charles and I after going to church on Christmas Eve.  We went to his parents’ house for dinner — “snacky” type of foods — maybe I should just say junk food and desserts — love it!  Dips, chips, cheese ball, sausage balls — all the low calorie stuff!  Then we have a $5 gift exchange — the kind where you can steal from someone else — always brings out the laughter in us all!

These others were taken on Christmas Day when we ate lunch at Grammy’s house…..yes, food again! 

Allyson had been in bed all week with the flu, but thankfully she was feeling strong enough to get out on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  She looked gorgeous…….I was so proud of my 18 year old birthday girl!

Josiah had a very special Christmas, too.  He loved all his new toys, but this toy was his favorite!  He can walk along behind it, or you can push the seat together and latch it so he can ride on it.  It is really neat!   As usual, it has lots of lights and music!  Why don’t they make any QUIET baby toys these days!?

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