Grammy’s Log Cabin Quilt

The “biggest” or most time-consuming project that I made for Christmas was a quilt for Charles’ mom — best know as Grammy.  I decided last spring that I wanted to make a quilt for her, but I really struggled with what pattern, what colors, and what size.  I finally just “bit the bullet” and went with a very traditional pattern, a Log Cabin Quilt.   I used the Eleanor Burns Log Cabin Quilt-in-a Day Book. 

Our local quilt shop was offering a class making this quilt.  Although I knew that I could make it on my own, I knew that I would be held more accountable and actual get more work done if I signed up for the class and went to the store to work.  I was happy to get most of it pieced this past summer and finished it up early in the fall.  A friend here in my hometown has her own quilting business and she is the one that did the Long-Arm Quilting on this quilt.  Once I got it back from her, I added the binding and the label. 

Here is the label that I stitched on the back of the quilt.  It is a Bareroots pattern, but I altered it slightly to add more writing on it.  I love the stitchery patterns from Bareroots.  You will see several more projects that I have done from them in the days to come.  There are many quilt shops that carry their patterns, but you can also order them directly from their website.   Here is the link for the Quilt Labels Pattern.

Here is a picture of the quilt hanging on my fence.  It was extremely windy when I decided to photograph it (before wrapping it up) and I was only able to get a picture if I hung it on the fence!  Lindsey and her boyfriend tried holding it up for me, but they almost took off flying in the air with this quilt as their parachute!  It was really quite comical!

Here is Grammy on Christmas Day.  I think that she really, really liked it.  I know that she was definitely surprised.  She says she likes the fabrics…….and plans to put it in the guest bedroom.  It is a very large Square Queen……almost a king sized.  It should work out perfect on that bed in there.  I’m thrilled that I was able to share my love of quilting with her!

Grammy wanted another photo with me and the label that I put on it. 

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  1. That is beautiful!! You did a really good job!

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