Thank You’s for Christmas Presents

Good morning!  We had a wonderfully relaxing 4 day-type of weekend, enjoying our last days of Christmas vacation. I rang in the New Year in my PJ’s on the couch, enjoying the peace and quiet of a sleeping baby.  My teenagers were out very late (one babysitting, one celebrating) and I had to stay up half the night to make sure they were home safely.  NOT because I was ringing in the New Year in style……..oh, the things we do for our children! 

I did find a wee bit of time in the craft room.  MAINLY, I had to clean up the craft room!  It had been very neglected the past few weeks and I had not returned things to their rightful place.  Shame on me!  I have been SO SO lazy the past 2 weeks, and really slacked.  But then I decided that it was time to figure out some cute, quick little thank you’s that I need to send to very special people who blessed me with very special gifts. 

In the process of cleaning up my office, I came across some 1/2 finished cards.  They had the snowflake stamped section and the ribbon.  Nothing else.  Wonder how long ago I made these?  Two or three years…….because this is Soft Sky paper and ribbon……and we haven’t had that color in a long, long time.  Not sure about the darker blue, it doesn’t come to my mind.

So, I decided to jazz them up some (why waste these perfectly good cards when half the work is done?) and I added a little snowman from the Cute Christmas stamp set. I must admit, I loved this stamp set, but didn’t use it much.  I had lots of intentions, but…..well, you know how it goes.  There’s another Christmas coming in 357 days, right?  And this stamp set will still be on my shelf.   I colored the snowman with Blender Pens using Cherry Cobbler, Basic Gray, and Baha Breeze inks.  The words are from “A Word For You”. 

On New Year’s Eve (during the day), I went to my local quilt shop and sewed all day long!  6 hours of non-stop sewing.  I was so excited that Charles let me go — and kept Josiah happy all day long!  Well, I guess he was happy.  He got into alot of trouble and broke 2 things.  He has NEVER broken anything, and now 2 things in one day.  There were alot of football games on that day, and I have a feeling that the “primary care-giver” that day was a little distracted.  Guess I’m glad he didn’t find the stairs or the toilets…..

So, back to the sewing.  I was focused on getting caught up on “Hannah’s Sampler”.  This is a Block of the Month program where they mailed me one block each month since last February.  I was only on Block 4.  I was WAY behind.  So, I got 4 more done that day, and then did 3 more on New Year’s Day during Josiah’s naptimes.  Charles was gone painting most of the day with his dad, and my girls were sleeping all day (remember the late night they had???) and I stayed in my jammies and sewed every second that I could. 

So, now I have 11 blocks done and Block 12 will be coming in the mail this month along with the material to finish it up!  I am so excited!  This is a real beauty made with 30’s Reproduction Fabrics.  The pieces were quite tiny and required alot of patience.  But, the end result is gorgeous! The colors are brighter than this photo shows — pinks, oranges, purples, yellows, blues, greens!  They are soft, but vivid, too.  I look forward to working on the sashing (the part that connects them all together) and showing you more progress in the months to come.  Yes, I said months, not days 🙂

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