Keeping the home fires burning…….literally!

The crazy weather this week has interfered with my life!  Ha!  It has really been an eventful week for us Texans that really don’t know what to think about snow.  First, we didn’t have school on Tuesday because everyone jumped the gun a little bit and “thought” the weather was going to get bad and “thought” we would need to be at home.  Granted, it is unbelievably cold around here.  But bundle up and move on……I love the cold, crisp air.  So, we had a day off school, everything was shut down, and we layed around watching TV.  Well, the kids did.  I took care of a fiesty little 10 month old and accomplished very little other than keeping wood in the fireplace.  We are terrified of our electric bill this month after so many days below freezing.  We are not sure what it will look like!  Later that afternoon I had to drive Sarah to piano lessons.  No problem, no bad roads, but decided to go get batting for a baby quilt I’m trying to finish……….would you believe that JoAnn’s closed early due to “Inclement Weather” that we DIDN’T have.  What a joke!  I was disappointed, and had to go back the next day.  I called first to make sure they were opened! 

So then we went back to school on Wednesday and suffered through “rolling blackouts” at home and at school.  The kids had quite an eventful day, as many classrooms have no windows and they got to move into the hall and sit several times.  They were texting me, and I was laughing……but really it was quite annoying.  The modern world has us all spoiled.  I just kept thanking God that I wasn’t having to be out in the cold, had lots of firewood, and had a fireplace that I love!!!

But last night, we finally got the SNOW!!!!  It started about 9 p.m. and I think it snowed most of the night.  I got up at 3 and it looked so “white” in the sky, as if the sky was light, but really it was dark!  I think it was still snowing….and then we got our lovely wake-up call at 6 a.m. to tell us that there would be no school today.  So, another fun day of movies, and entertaining the baby, of course.  He is most interested in the staircase, and the toilets these days…….and any other thing that is NOT a toy.  He is a full time job!  Oh, and keeping the fireplace going is my other full time job!!!  I love this weather, though, and I am NOT looking forward to the hot summer that will be here before we know it.  So, I shall REJOICE and enjoy this weather!!!!

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