Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Good morning!  And Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope you get treated to something sweet today — by all the people who love you so much!!!  I had several projects that I was working on last week, and most of them were not Stampin’ related at all.  You know me, I always have many things going on at once.  One thing that I had to work on was for our Valentine’s banquest at church.  It is a youth ministry fundraiser tonight at our church, and I was asked to be in charge of decorations.  I decided to make these Candy Bouquets to put in the center of our tables.  They were really fun to make once I figured it all out.  The girls were a great big help, too, and did alot of the assembling with me.  I was very thankful for their help!  I had never done these before, but the youth who saw them tonight were very complimentary, so I guess I did OK.  It was important that I spend as little money as possible, so I did my best to be frugal.  I used Bamboo skewers for the sticks.   I used quart sized mason jars for the base (less than $1 each).  There is a green foam cylinder inside the jar (like you would use for floral arranging) and then I wrapped a piece of white paper around it to hide the green.  Then we crammed (and yes, I really mean CRAMMED) the red and white crinkled paper into the sides of the jar to “hide” the foam thing even more.  It would have been really cute to fill it with some small candies, but remember I needed to save money!  Lastly, just  poke all the skewers into the jar — and arrange them so that some are taller than others.  Oh, and I added a bit more crinkled paper in the middle (in between all the sticks) to hide all the green foam that you could see on the top.

At the church, we used red tablecloths.  I had very large heart doilies in pink and white that I put at the center of each table.  Then we added the candy bouquets and some small candies around the jars.  I thought it turned out really nice.  It is very bright and cheerful, too!  I wish I had taken a picture last night after we finished decorating, but I didn’t…..

I also finished binding my “Egg Money Quilt” last week.  It is made with 30’s reproduction prints and each block is an antique type of block.  This is a quilt that I worked on piecing most of last year.  My group met every other Friday morning to work on our blocks.  It was at the quilters from Sept – Dec. and I got it back in December right before Christmas.  It is gorgeous — each block is custom quilted!  I made a scalloped border on it, so it took a little longer for me to finish.  Here it is…

I took individual photos of each block if any of you want to see them.  Please let me know – I’ll gladly share!  I’ll be back tomorrow with some stamping projects.  Thanks for following my blog!!!!

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  1. This quilt is absolutely beautiful and I love the scalloped edge. I am hoping to learn this art one day, hopefully soon! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The quilt is beautiful!!! I love the candy bouquets too!! You’re such a creative person and I love your inspiration!!

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