My traveling companion…

Lots of “stuff” going on this week……..lots of things I needed to get accomplished and honestly, I am feeling very frustrated right now.  I’m supposed to be going on a scrapbooking retreat Thursday night through Sunday — need desperately to pack for that.  But, we recently found out that we are heading to Abilene for the day on Friday to take Allyson to an interview for the Honors Program at Hardin-Simmons.  I am excited about this, but the timing is not the best….I will join the gals to scrapbook after that.  I discovered on Saturday that I had to make Sarah a new “Alice in Wonderland” dress for her Colorguard competition this Saturday (while I am gone).  Seems the “old” Halloween costume that we thought she could squeeze into — well, didn’t quite work out.   She kinda failed to emphasize this to me the past few MONTHS, so here I am trying to squeeze another thing into my crazy schedule at the very last minute.  Oh, and did I mention that the baby came down with Strep Throat.  He’s had a high fever since Monday morning.  So, you can imagine how much I’ve accomplished around here.  His mission in life is to climb my stairs, play in my toilets, and open every cabinet in the house — and remove its entire contents.  He is a busy little booger!  So, out came the baby gate to blockade the stairs, and I’m in survival mode until the retreat.  Praying for the antibiotics to kick in and purchasing more Motrin to try and keep the fever down.  However, I did want to show you this cool little traveling companion that I made last week.  I wanted something to keep my handwork in.  I’m working on some hand applique projects, and sometimes embroidered things, too, and I like taking them with me in the car.   I think you will enjoy seeing this………and it is made with some adorable owl fabric!  I love it, and purchased it months ago, knowing that I wanted to use it for something fun for ME!  I had been saving it up…….why?  I’m not sure.  I finally decided to stop hoarding this fabric and use it!

Here is the front cover, closed with ribbon…

Inside, opened up….

Right side –pockets for lots of little things!

A large pocket where I am storing my applique block that I am working on.

Left side with pockets and elastic holders

I am thinking about making a small tote to match.  I have enough fabric and want something to drop this down in with a few other items when I am leaving the house.  Just to make sure I have everything and nothing falls out………or to pack my pattern or magazine, or something like that. 

I hope to get some stamping done during the baby’s naptime…..I need to be getting ready for STAMP CLUBS that meet next week.  Have a great day!!!!

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  1. This is so cute!! Luv it!!! So sorry you are piled up with things to do!! Wished I was closer to lend a helping hand or at least a hug when needed!!! Luv ya and see ya next week!!

  2. love it very cute. love the material.

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