Fabric Bookmarks

Yesterday was a very interesting day — somewhat chaotic, but productive and I have something beautiful to show you.  I had the baby home with me for the third day of strep throat, but I am happy to say that he was fever free all day long, and in a pretty good mood, too.  I tried to work on a few chores in the house while he played (and did things like trying to pounce on the pile of crumbs I was sweeping)…..but during his naptimes, I was fast and furiously stamping, cutting, and gluing!  I have all of the club projects ready for next week, and I’m thrilled with them!  One of our projects is going to be these fabric bookmarks.  I used the new fabric collection from the Mini Catalog, and the coordinating buttons.  I got this great idea from Leadership, but the gal had used paper flowers.  I couldn’t resist the thought of trying to do the same bookmarks, but with fabric.  I love how they turned out, and I hope you do, too!   I don’t want to spoil all the club surprises, but I wanted to share one of them before I head out of town.

I am leaving today to go on one of my scrapbooking retreats in Clifton with my best best girlfriends.  But I have to come back tonight so we can take Allyson to Hardin-Simmons tomorrow.  She is interviewing for their Honors Program and a chance at an Honors Scholarship.  We are quite proud of the Academic Scholarships she has already earned, but this would be a great opportunity for her, also.  We will look around the campus one more time before we make a final decision about her college choice.  She has been accepted to some other schools as well, so if she decided this isn’t where she thinks God is leading, then we have some other options. 

I will go join my girlfriends in Clifton on Friday night after we get back from Abilene.  I don’t foresee getting as much scrapbooking done as I usually do…….but I’m going to work as much as I can before returning home on Sunday.    Sorry, but I will not post again until Monday.  I will not have internet service over the weekend, except for maybe on my phone.  The cell service is sketchy out there — sometimes that is good, sometimes bad!  I hope you have a great weekend! 

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