Maria’s Challenge — A Card A Day

Hello friends!  I working all week giving the TAKS test — the Texas standardized testing ( in case you don’t live in Texas).  I am trying to get to bed earlier this week and not work into the night.  I’m embarrased to say that I’ve not cleaned off my stamp desk since last Friday when I finished my club class!  But I have done alot of housework and about 50 loads of laundry!  UUUGGGHHHH!!!!

So, I’m anxious to share with you a great idea from my friend Maria (the one that lives in Florida that I often mention).  She started a blog this past week, but she’s incorporating it into her Stampin’ Up! website.  Here is the link.  Now, please don’t run and order products from her instead of me — please!?  But check out her game-plan and challenge to send a card a day for 365 days!  She is one brave lady to do this……..but she is so pumped and ready.  She decided that she shouldn’t “hoard” all her cards anymore.  They are taking up room in her stamp room and she should bless others with them!  Why is it that we are in the card-making business, but we rarely send out the cards?  I admit, I need to work on this, too!!!! Maria  makes some of the most gorgeous cards and they always have ribbon on them!  My kind of gal!  I also like Maria’s style because they seem to have simplicity and organization to them.  She is a very busy mom, like me, and her cards are usually not overpowering.  Just simple and beautiful.  With all that said,  I’m sharing two of her cards that she recently had with her at Leadership…….I’m sure you will see them on her blog someday, but you saw them here FIRST!  Ha! 

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