A little under the weather…

Hey friends!  Sorry I’ve been MIA………I’m a little under the weather…..no great posts from me until I get some energy back!  I’m fighting allergy, cold, sinus, ears, and all that type of crud.  I think some allergy stuff has lasted so long that it decided to get crazy on me.  I’m surviving, but doing the bare minimum around here today.  I was able to leave work at 11:00 so I snuggled up with some blankets, ate lunch, and took a nap.  Then I went to see Sarah run in her track meet.  I need to take so much medicine — but then I’m so, so sleepy!   Hopefully tomorrow will be better! 

Tomorrow is cheerleader tryouts for Lindsey and Sarah……..all happy thoughts needed!  They try out at 8 am and find out at 2:30 p.m. who made it. 

I have some of the sweetest customers who make the cutest cards…….here are 2 of them.  Since I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING right now, I thought I’d show someone else’s work to you again.  Sorry!

Sharon made this cute card…….I love the rectangular, non-traditional size and all the sponging on the edges!  Cuteness!

Dee made me this “delicious” ice cream card……..wish it were edible 🙂

I’ve seen these cute waffle cones on some blogs……..haven’t found time to re-create them, though!  Thanks, Dee!!!

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