Happy Birthday Josiah!

I know it’s St. Patrick’s Day…….but that’s not near as special to us any more!  We have a precious little birthday to celebrate today! Look at this little man!  Doesn’t he look so big in this picture?  He walks all over the place, now.  Never crawls any more.  He eats almost everything you put in front of him, and his smile is contagious! 

For those of you who like to follow along with our “journeys”……Josiah will start transitioning home in the next few weeks.  His court hearing is coming up in May, and CPS needs to have him home for a month or so before that hearing.  We are at peace with it, for the most part.  We will certainly miss him, but think that he will do well with his mom.   We pray that we will get to see him in the future, but there are no guarantees.  That’s that hard part. 

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  1. Hi Dawn, the past 7-8 months with Josiah have just flown by! I know that you are facing a difficult transition with sending him back to the situation that he was removed from. But just look at us with Jordan and his sisters. Here we go again!!! I hope that mom will be open to some visits, just so that you have some closure there. All the best…Barb

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