Still in the hospital…

Just a quick update to let you know that we are STILL in the hospital.  We thought we were going to get to go home today, but Allyson still had low blood pressure and some nausea.  She is definitely better, and her appetite has improved.  She is eating very small amounts, but some is better than none.  I’ve been trying to get some of her favorites — like cheesecake and buttermilk pie.  She has enjoyed them, but only for about 3 bites.  Oh, well, I’m trying!  And tonight she said the Buttermilk Pie was NOT as good as mommy’s pie……..makes my heart happy!

So, hopefully life can start to return to normal as we get closer to the weekend.  I’m missing my life at home.  I’m missing my bed.  I’m missing cooking.  I’m actually missing normal stuff like laundry and housework.  I just want to be able to go home soon.  But for now, I am thanful for the extra special doctors that love my daughter enough to keep an eye on her for a few extra days and make sure that she is ready to return to “life”.  I am thankful that God has given us such special friends who have loved us from far and from near.  They have brought us food, flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, and smiles!  They have brought us so much joy in a difficult situation.


And if I could make a card right now for each of you, here is what it might look like!  (This is a card sample from Leadership!)

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  1. Get well soon Allyson! Hope you’ll be soon be up and going very soon! We’re thinking of you.

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