Allyson’s Quilt Backing

You might remember this quilt….I finished the top a couple of weeks ago.  It is going to Hardin-Simmons University with Allyson.  She has made her official decision after being chose to be a part of the Honors Program at HSU.  She is very excited! 

I wanted to do a pieced backing like I have seen on so many blogs here lately.  I had plenty of scraps to use for a strip, and I really like how it ties the front and the back together.  These 2 large pieces were the ones I found on a closeout website on clearance!  WOOHOO!  I even have extras for pillows and decorations for her room.  Allyson loves it and I couldn’t be happier that she is letting me be a part of making her college room special! 

Allyson is at school this morning.  We had a really good weekend, with lots of progress.  She was up and moving around alot.  She’s still dizzy, but working through it and hanging tough!  Thank you all so so much for prayers for our family.  It was a long week!  I’m so thankful that we are in a better place this week.

Personally, I wanted to share that I have TWO job opportunities (NON teaching related) that have literally FALLEN IN MY LAP this past week.  As if I didn’t have enough excitement, huh?  Well, I am going to meet with job “offer” #2 today at noon.  I have already talked to job #1.  I have a very important decision to make THIS WEEK about this situation.  Please pray that I will KNOW in my heart and have PEACE about which job is best for me, my family, and my future.  It is a little scary, as I’ve not worked full-time in 18 years.  But, the time has come, and I need to work outside the home to pay for the college expenses we will soon have.  To answer another question popping up in your mind………..NO, I’m not quitting Stampin’ Up!  I will continue to do that “on the side”.  I love their products and my creative outlet WAY too much to quit.  I might need to scale back a tiny bit next year, but things will continue on.  PROMISE! 

Thank you for your friendship and supporting me in all my life situations.  I am really not sure what people do without a church family and special friends.  Mine are so, so special to me!!!!

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  1. Glad to hear Allyson is improving and Good Luck with your job decisions this week. I know that can be stressful but you know God will lead in the right direction.

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