Being a mother of a senior….

Well…….the time of year that I have anticipated has arrived.  The senior ceremonies, banquets, luncheons, awards, and parties have begun.  I have looked forward to these events, but there is a little twinge of sadness, too.  I’ll skip over the “sad” comments for now, and move right on to the excitment of the day.  I was a very proud mommy today!  My daughter wast he recipient of an award presented to her at the Northwest Waco Optimist Club Youth Appreciation Luncheon.   She was chosen by her Principal, counselor, and teachers as an outstanding student at Lorena High School.  There were 14 high schools from our county that were chosen and Allyson was the Lorena representative.  I couldn’t have been prouder!  This award went to students who were leaders in their school and communnity, as well as their academic achievements.  

Tonight was Allyson’s Soccer Banquet.  It was alot of fun…….and Mexican Food from La Fiesta made it all the better!   Allyson won the Senior Player of the Year Award for her dedication and committment to the Lady Leopards Soccer Team. 

So here are a few photos from the day….enjoy!!!

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  1. So much to be proud of, so much to be thankful for. Congratulations! It takes a whole and healthy family for such distinctions. God’s Blessings! Diane

  2. Dawn,

    Please congratulate Allyson for me on her awards. These are both outstanding recognitions!


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