What a glorious day!


What a wonderful day it is to celebrate the fact that Jesus rose from the dead, breaking the power over sin and death, so that we could be free.  Be encouraged today that He gave His life for you so that you could have abundant life. He loves you so much more than you know.

And if you know me well, you know that I took hundreds of pictures today, starting at 7:30 this morning before heading to church.  We are never too old for Easter baskets — filled with 3 Spoons t-shirts, 3 Spoons gift cards, and a tiny little bit of candy.

After church we gathered at Grammy and PawPaw’s house for an afternoon of fun……food………fellowship with extended family……and thankful hearts for another year of life! 

Uncle Eric helped us get a photo with ALL of us in it………yippee! 

And here are my gorgeous girls….yes, I’m bragging!  I’m very proud of them! 

And isn’t this the most handsome fellow ever?  The girls helped me pick out this handsome outfit for him…….linen pants and an argyle sweater!  What a sweet boy……and his smile is contagious! 

We had a ton of eggs for this kids to hunt, but Josiah was happy with one in each hand.  He cried when I tried to take them away so he could find some more.  He was having NO part in that……..content with 2 eggs! 

Allyson was a bit disappointed that her dad tricked her and put acorns in this egg! 

Each of the kids had a large egg with their name on it.  They had to find it in order to get their $5 hidden inside. 

Lindsey found hers, too!

Allyson is teaching Josiah about money at a young age…

ONE egg was filled with $10 but was NOT labeled.  The kids just assumed it had candy in it…….but Allyson found it!  She ended up with the most loot!

The big kids did NOT like Grammy’s marshmallow bunnies, but Josiah had no problem with them!

Momma wanted a picture with her “senior” and Sarah helped take these photos.  Pretty good job, Sarah!

Umm……..didn’t see this face until I uploaded the pictures.  Thanks, Allyson!

Isn’t this a precious picture!  We were hot, sweaty, and tired — but I still think this is a great picture!

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