Happy Birthday, Charles!

Today is my dear hubby’s birthday!  We went out to celebrate last night (schedule complications tonight), and I made our family favorite — Strawberry Birthday Cake.  It is a homemade recipe that his mom was sweet enough to share with me when we got married.  It used to be a special cake that we ONLY made on HIS birthday.  But we all love it so, so much — and now we make it on ALL our birthdays.  How funny is that?  I’m embarrassed to tell you that I didn’t make him a birthday card.  That is sad, isn’t it?  But I did bake a cake and get a gift, and invite friends to join us………hope that makes up for it a little bit. 

Daddy and his girls…

And he’s still putting up with me…

This handsome young man is Allyson’s new boyfriend, Kody.  We are enjoying having him around!  He is treating the princess well!  And Josiah loves him to death.  It is really quite precious — as if he really enjoys having a male around after dealing with all us females! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Charles,

    Mike & Deborah

    Oh, by the way, I sure would like that strawberry cake recipe if you don’t mind sharing it. It really looks yummy!

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