Praises, Prayer Needs, and a Purple Tote

Well, how’s that for a title?  These are the 3 things I need to tell you about today….

PRAISES first……I met my mom in Ft. Worth yesterday to meet with her Oncologist.  She had more scans and tests run last week (three month check-up) and there is no change, no new growth, and no concerns at this time.  So, since we have had good reports the last 3 times, he is moving her to 4 month increments.  If she has any problems or concerns, we will go sooner.  But, otherwise, we will go back in September.  We are so thankful for this medical report. 

PRAYERS needed……of course there are alot of worthy things to pray about these days, but I need to ask for specific prayers today for my Father-in-law.  He has a tumor on his right cheek (toward the hairline- eye, ear area) that appeared out of nowhere about 4 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, it has grown very rapidly and is now triple in size (also very noticeable).  He will be taken into surgery this morning around 9 am.  This is a delicate operation with many risks, but it is not an option.  The tumor must be removed.   It will take about 4 hours they say, and it is probably a malignant lymphoma.  He is a 3-time cancer survivor, so he is prepared for the worst.  Most likely, chemo and radiation will begin soon.  

PLEASE PRAY for Dr. Tandy who is the ENT doing the surgery.  There is a major nerve where the tumor is.  It will need to be partially removed.  This could result in some paralysis and various other complications because of the location.  My in-laws are very “down” in spirit right now.  Please pray that God will comfort them and keep them positive in a difficult time.   Please pray that he can heal quickly and move forward with treatments if necessary.  Please pray for me and my sisters-in-law while we wait with my mother-in-law during the surgery.  Charles is out of town on business this week, so he can not be there.  His heart is heavy because of this. 

Now, something fun……the PURPLE TOTE.  This was made for a customer request.  She chose the fabric after seeing one of my posts a while back.  She loves it, and now has me making some bags for ladies in her office.   If you want a bag like this, you will need to purchase 5/8 yard of 3 different prints.  If you live locally, I recommend you shopping at Tomorrow’s Quilts on Lake Air Drive.  They have the best quality material available in Waco, and they will have coordinating prints that look nice on this type of bag.  You will also find some nice prints at Hobby Lobby, but the quality of material is not the same.  Please contact me personally if you’d like for me to make you a bag.  I am selling this style for $30.  You must provide the fabric, but I will provide the batting, magnetic snap, thread, and fabric stabilizer.    

Inside has 6 large pockets.  The pockets go all the way around.   The bottom of the bag does not “sag”…….it has stabilizer in the bottom that makes it “crisp” and well shaped.  You will really like this feature. 

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  1. Dawn…praying for you and your family needs right now. I know how difficult this stage can be. Waiting is so hard. Praying for God’s peace and presence to be magnified in the moments and days ahead.

    Cute tote…you are soooo talented and project-prolific! You always amaze me.

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