Family Updates and The Kristi Bag

I’m sorry I didn’t take time to post about this sooner, but I’ve had so many things pulling for my attention.  My Father-in-law is home and recovering from several biopsies on his face and neck.  The doctor went in to do surgery on his facial tumor, but was able to quickly biopsy it and determine that it is lymphoma.  He did not try to remove it, but stitched him back up.  We knew going into the procedure that this was a very real possibility, so we were not shocked at the outcome.  He spent the night last night and then had another biopsy done on some spots around the thyroid.   He will meet with the oncologists this next week and they will begin agressive treatments.  He is a 3 time cancer survivor, so he is prepared and knows what to expect.  Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement.  We are going to need even more of them in the days to come. 

The Kristi Bag

I have another tote to show you.  This one I am naming “The Kristi Bag” honoring my dear friend, Kristi, that asked me to make it for her.  She picked out the most amazing fabric!  (with a little help from a friend — me)  I will be willing to discuss making this bag, also.  If you are interested, it takes 1 yard of each material.  You will need two coordinating prints.  Kristi has only had her bag for 2 days and she has had several people ask her about it.  I am so excited!!! 

I am in the process of learning about Etsy so I can set up a site.  I’m also trying to take photos of my projects so that I can list them. I appreciate those who have encourgaed me about selling the items I make.  I am hoping that my sewing skills will help us out and that I we can help fund this thing we call “college”…..headed my way soon!

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  1. Continuing to pray for your FIL and family. What a hard journey.

    Love this bag too. What gorgeous colors. YES! Set up your Etsy!!!!

  2. I want one of those bags!!! How pretty and useful. I’m going to go look for fabric so I can have one too.
    Can’t wait for your Etsy account to be set up.

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