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After a 10 day break from blogging to focus on my daughter’s graduation, I am back and ready to share lots of goodies with you this week.  I have some cards, some new techniques, some sewing projects, and some gift items to show you this week in my posts.  I also celebrated my 44th birthday this weekend in the middle of all the graduation hoopla, and I received some lovely cards and gifts.  God has been so good to me and my adult life just keeps getting better and better.  There will always be the ups and downs, and things might sometimes seem greener on the other side of the pasture, but when I really reflect on my life, I am able to say that God has blessed me beyond measure.  He has given me so many things to be thankful for and the joys outweigh the sorrows. 

I really do have alot to share with you, but I want to just tell you a few things first.  Just a little summary of things going on….

The last 10 days were full of graduation festivities including:  Sr. Recognition Sunday at church, Baccalaureate, Sr. Awards Ceremony, Graduation, and Graduation Parties (several we attended and one that I helped host).   It went by quickly and it was a joyous occasion.  I made it through the ceremony without crying, but broke down several times earlier that day.  I cry for everything, though, so this comes as no surprise to most of you!  We are diving into summer head-first and ready for more adventures.

Josiah, our foster baby, is in the process of transitioning home.  He should be permanently gone by the 3rd week of June. Bittersweet, as you know.  We must totally surrender him to God’s protection.

Charles’ dad is leaving this week for a second trip to MD Anderson.  He will have more tests done.  He will return next week as well.  We are not sure exactly when the chemo will start.  There is a good possibility he will have another Stem Cell Transplant.  He had one 14 years ago when the procedure was still very new and most people didn’t even know what that was….the summer that Sarah was born. 

I have worked on several sewing projects for customers during the month of May.  I’ve made curtains, purses/totes, Nook covers, and baby girl clothes.  I am in the process of getting woven labels made  for my hand-made items and setting up an ETSY shop under the name of “Perrywinkle Place”.  You will hear and see more about this in the future.  I am hoping to help supplement my income by sewing more for the public in the future.  I also plan to make more cards (or sets of cards) and sell them on my Etsy site, as well.   The blog will continue as Perrywinkle PRESS and then my shop will continue that theme in the name.  My dear friend, Erica, designed the artwork just as I had described to her, and I’m super excited about my new logo and the way it will help finish off my garments/products in a more professional way. 

Today I worked in my stamp room — after I cleared off the clutter on the desk!  I was on a mission to design the projects for our June Club Classes coming up next week.  I am thrilled with my samples and can’t wait for you to see them.  Here is a sample of the new technique I tried — look at this gorgeous flower!

I was playing around with this flower idea that I saw on another blog, and this is my first attempt.  It isn’t perfect, but now I can do better the second time around.  It’s too gorgeous to not use, though, so I made it into a thank you card with a vintage feel.  Here’s the final card…

The basic concept is that you cut a 16″ piece of ribbon every 1″.  You cut almost all the way across the ribbon, but leave it all connected on one side of the ribbon.  You glue it down to a cardstock circle and then heat it with the heat tool under the “petals” curl up and form the flower image.  Amazing! 

Now, keep in mind I have alot more things to show you and I promise to get the posts done each night this week (barring a family emergency!) and I hope you will come back to see me!!!

I’ll close today with a few of my favorite graduation photos.  You know that I have a ton, but if you are my friend on facebook, you’ve seen most of them.  If you want me to send you a link to see all of them, let me know.

Kody and Allyson…..happy graduates! 

Kimi came to the graduation!  Her mom made her the cutest shirt that said “TEAM ALLYSON”  She is now 2 1/2 years old! 

Our family photograph for the evening…

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  1. I love love love that flower. It is so pretty. Is it wired ribbon?

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