Cupcake Birthday Card

EDITED NOTE:  RETIRED LISTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE.  Some items, particularly the accessories, will sell out quickly.  Check out the list and order immediately online to make sure you get what you want.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LISTS. 

In the midst of all the Graduation Festivities, I was able to celebrate my birthday on Sunday.  We went out to lunch after church and our dear friends brought cupcakes.  Yummy!  I got some adorable cards and gifts, too.  This card came from my long-time customer, Dee.  She does gorgeous work!!!

I’m so glad she remembered that Pink is my favorite color!  And look at the inside of the card……….equally as gorgeous!

I will show you more birthday cards in the future, but speaking of cupcakes…Look at all the pretty colors of frosting……..Josiah thought he needed one of each color! 

He was fascinated with our singing and the bright light of the candle.

Look at the adorable bag Lindsey bought me!  I love cute little owls (not the realistic, scary kind)……she got me the perfect gift!

And Charles got me a gorgeous bracelet with silver beads, red glass beads, and cross charms.  And it matched my sweater (which I bought a few days ago for myself –ha!) which my children like to call a “doily sweater”.  Anything crocheted like a doily becomes a doily sweater and they love to tease me about my doilly sweaters.  Yes, I have more than one.

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