Graduation Gift Card Holders

These are the gift card holders that I made for the boys on our list.  I bought gas cards at Wal Mart and wanted to package them in a fun way.  I know they won’t appreciate it, but maybe their mommas will!  To simplify things, I made the base and the printed paper black and white.  Then I used their school colors for the focal image.  The printed paper is from a craft store and some that I’ve had on hand for years.  It came in handy for this little project.  I made 4 of them with just one piece of 8 1/2 x 11 printed paper! 



Believe it or not, I don’t own a Graduation Stamp Set.  But I have 2 of them on My Digital Studio!!!  To get the focal image, I just printed the mortar boards on white cardstock.  I figured out the size that I needed to fit in my 1 3/4″ punch and then did some quick cut ‘n paste……..I did 9 of them at once on one piece of white cardstock.  I’m trying to get better about purchasing things like this on My Digital Studio.  Things that I will use so very rarely, and then I won’t have spent so much money.  And how cool is it when you can change the size, the color, and the orientation with one little click.  I’m diggin’ it!

The band just slides off and reveals the gift card.  I suppose you could get really fancy and decorate the inside, too.  Sorry, but I just think the boys would not care one bit for my “plain” card 🙂

If you want the directions and details, you can get a better tutorial here on Cambria Turnbow’s blog.  However, there are also many tutorials online for very similar gift card holders. 


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