A perfect gift for me…

I have a made a new friend this past year…….and she popped by last week to bring me the “perfect birthday gift”.  She has gotten to know me ALL TOO WELL……and when she saw this, she said she knew it had my name on it.  And she was RIGHT ON!   She and I both have very similar interests — particularly in the sewing, quilting, and crafting categories!  We always joke that it’s a good thing that we don’t live next door to one another or we’d never get anything done.  We’d just sew and sew and sew…

First of all, this is just the wrapping.  It really didn’t matter what was inside, because I was in love with the packaging already!  But then, I peeked inside and found a new key fob with owls on it……not just any ol’ owls, but some really cute, and really adorable owls in bright, fun colors!!!!

Just one more look at this precious tag…….cuteness!  Thanks so much, Deborah, for helping to make my birthday special! 

I got my new catalog yesterday!  OH MY GOODNESS!  I can’t stop looking at it!  It is gorgeous.  I’m not allowed to show you the contents, but I can’t wait for you to see how inviting the cover is and the new goodies inside.  I also got my first box of new products……..wow!  That just about sums it up!  I can’t wait to play with my new goodies.  Right now, though, I’m just enjoying looking at them 🙂 

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  1. Dawn,
    Your so sweet. I have been so blessed that God has brought you into my life. What a blessing you are!
    Thanks so much.

    Deb D

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