Convention smiles!

My friend Katherine, a fellow demonstrator in Waco, and I posing in one of the many photo areas.

Katherine, Maria, and Katie getting busy on the Make and Takes.  They were gorgeous projects that challenged even us “seasoned” demonstrators!

Danielle and I are working on Make and Takes, too!  Assembly line style!

Katherine was unbelievably excited to win the Prize Patrol this afternoon!  We have wrist bands with different colors and designs on them and hers was called out today.  Maria’s was called out Wednesday night.  Maybe I will get lucky tomorrow!

That’s all for today…….as far as stamp news is concerned.  But a BIG PERSONAL note……Josiah was supposed to go home today.  It didn’t work out as planned, and I really can’t talk about it all.  And the details are really quite “sketchy” right now.  And I’m still in Salt Lake, so I feel really bad that Charles has had to deal with all of this alone.  However, the girls will be home very early in the morning from Colorado, so they will get to see him again.  And maybe me, too, depending on the outcome of the situation.  If you can just say a little pray for his biological mother, and our family, too.  And the CPS workers having to deal with yet another unexpected thing………I really feel sorry for them.  They are overworked, underpaid, and often unappreciated.  I just hope it all turns out OK.

Thanks friends………..all the way from Salt Lake!

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