Convention Lanyards

Perhaps you noticed the lanyards we were wearing in our Convention photos……..and would like to see a close-up of them.   I meant to show them to you all week long, but failed to do so.  I’m the main “sewist” out of our group of roomies, so I was elected this job.  And I willingly accepted!  Stampin’ Up! provided some gorgeous fabric for me to work with, and I was able to pre-order this set in June, so it worked out perfect!

Here’s a photo of the lanyard and the matching key fob.  To make them, I sewed 3″ strips of our Flirtatious Fabric together.  You get 3 Extra-Large fat quarters in a box for $9.95.  So, basically, I had a large striped quilt when I finished sewing all those pieces together.  Then I took that large piece and cut it into 3″ strips for each lanyard.  I used iron-on interfacing for extra stability.  I ironed a crease down the middle and folded each side into the middle to hide the raw edges on the inside.  Using a 1/4″ foot, I top-stitched down each side of the lanyard.  I added a key ring on one end, and a hook for our badges on the other end.  Now for the bow — which is simply pinned on the lanyard…

Here are 2 different flowers — created the same way, just stacked up in a different order.  For each flower, cut 6 circles using the Big Shot.  These are 3″ circles, but you can certainly make them bigger if desired.  Cut slits all the way around the circle, but avoid cutting ALL THE WAY to the center.  Leave a “circle” in the middle about 1″ in diameter so your “petals” will stay on the flower.  Don’t be precise about this.  You want to vary the sizes of the petals.  I recommend not getting them too, too skinny, though.  Some of mine fell off when I did that on my first attempt.  OK, so back to the flower.  After you cut all the circles, place them in a bowl of water for about 5-10 minutes and swish them around with your fingers a little bit.  Take them out and put them all in the dryer with a towel.  Tumble them 5-10 minutes to dry and then get them out.   THERE YOU HAVE IT…..crumpled up flowers with a shabby loook.  Spray with starch if desired and scrunch them up a little to add some stiffness.  For these flowers, I layered 2 of each color and then added a Stampin’ Up! Jumbo Button in the center.  On the back, I cut out a small felt circle and hot-glued it to the back of the flower.  I also added a bar pin so I could remove it from the lanyard if desired.

If you need more help……please send me a message.  I am more than willing to help you out!  I want to close with one of my favorite pictures from our first day together.  This was our “shopping” day…….just a fun day to be together and relax before convention actually started.  Last year, we found this awesome Italian restaurant, Michelangelo’s, and we couldn’t wait to visit it again.  YUMMY!

Danielle, Katie, Me, Katherine, Maria

I also added a couple of baby bibs to my Etsy site last night.  I’m trying to slowly add a little here and there.  If you are interested, please click on my logo to the right.

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  1. I want to be like you when I grow up! 🙂

    • You are too sweet and giving me way too much credit! Thanks…….but I always think of others that I want to be like when I grow up, too……ha! Guess we all tend to be drawn to things that we don’t/can’t have. Hope your summer is going well, Debra!

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