In the Garden…with Stampin’ Up!

That’s right….. you can add Stampin’ Up! to your garden (or your flowerbed)…..and my sweet friend Katherine gave me these adorable garden markers.  If you go over to site, you will see more gorgeous photos and some additional information on how to make them.  CLICK HERE to see her many designs.   Katherine was kind enough to give us each 2 of these at Convention this summer and I kept forgetting to photograph them for the blog!  I finally remembered and I’m thrilled to show them to you.  Along with my DEAD grass — thanks to the unbelievably hot and miserable summer we’ve had.  And I actually water this stuff, too!

Katherine found this idea on Stampin’ Connection — a demonstrator exclusive site where we network with other Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators.   The Stampin’ Up! Big Shot  is the tool to go to for this project.  Of course, the product information states proudly that you can die-cut a variety of materials with your Stampin’ UP! Sizzix Big Shot, but who’d have thought of thin pieces of aluminum roof flashing?  I’m so happy that someone has more time on their hands than me……..and can dream up and test out fun projects like this!   You can use the Bigz or L dies to cut out the shapes, and the Embossing folders to add the impressions on them — such as the flowers and polka dots.

After I took the photo below, I realized that the butterfly wasn’t positioned just right…… flipped over — but you get the idea 🙂

I wish that I could tell you that I’ve had lots of time to stamp and be creative………but I haven’t.  I have worked on several sewing projects this past weekend, but they are orders from friends who are paying me to make things.  I am enjoying any form of creativity , though, and thankful for even small snippets of time.  I am embarassed to say that I have several stamp sets that have not been touched — not even assembled, and even worse — they are still in a BOX, and not even in my office.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.   Oh, well………they will still be sitting there.  Right now, I’m still adjusting to a new schedule and not getting more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep at a time.  I’m just a little overwhelmed….

My job is going very well, and I’m so extremely thankful.   I will begin helping photograph in schools this week for fall pictures and fall sports.  My time will also be split with office hours, and I like the variety that my job provides.  It is different every day, so I think that keeps me focused and eager to keep on working.

Allyson is doing well at Hardin-Simmons and has staying in touch frequently.  She thoroughly enjoyed New Student Orientation this past week and her “family group” won FIRST PLACE out of all the groups.  She was very excited!  I’m so glad she hasn’t forgotten about me…….and has called often. 🙂   I’ve been a good mommy and given her space………and waiting for HER to call ME.  Aren’t you proud of me?

The baby is also doing fantastic……..she has gained over a pound since we got her, and she’s really starting to fill out.  She is still only 7 pounds, very tiny in all her features, but she is definitely growing.  Now if she will only sleep a little longer at night…..sigh!!!

I have some other fun pictures from our first football game (last Thursday), but I’m going to have to post those in another post.  Have a great day!


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  1. Hi, Dawn! These are really so pretty. What a great idea. Glad you discovered it and then shared it with us. Good to read the updates on family life…and so glad that Allyson is enjoying college life…and that YOU are surviving it too. Isn’t it the best blessing when they call home! I still get a thrill out of that. Since Jeff married, I’m trying to have the same restraint…but I do give in and call them both and tell them how much I miss them. Just as I thought I’d have a new daughter around, God whisked them off to a field of ministry. And I’m praising Him for it. They are only 4 hours away, and if it really gets bad…I do call. They seem to enjoy it. So glad you love your new job and thrilled that baby is doing better. I’ve actually gotten most of your updates through Facebook. But it’s nice to stop in here and sit a spell. Blessing on you and your family!

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