Leopard Pride…

Our school year is off to a roaring start……..and along with that comes HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL.  I now have a Varsity Cheerleader, a JV Cheerleader, and a member of the Marching Band.  We are in the midst of another very busy fall season, but we love every minute of it — well, almost – wink!  I was asked to sew a little outfit for our cheerleader sponsor’s little girl.  It’s a bit too warm for her to wear her “mimiature” cheerleader uniform, so here’s what I made for little Avery.

Leopard print swing top and bloomers with an appliqued paw print on the front.

You might remember a little pink top with a flower on it that looked similar to this one.  It looked like this….

And here is one of my customer’s little granddaughter wearing the top.  How fun to see others wearing my garments!

And here are a few glimpses from the first football game.  We’ve had 2 games — the first one we won 53-0 and it was such a great night!  This past Friday we lost and the score was 35-0 (I think) and it was not such a happy night.  I’m not sure what happened to our boys…………but I’m hoping they are ready to play tough this week!!!


Ready to march for the first time ever………her first varsity game!  She is doing very well, by the way!






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