Test Tube Treats for Halloween

My sweet friend, Dee, came over last week to pick up her order and brought me a treat!  Not a trick……..a treat!  She even filled it with Skittles since she knows I’m not a big fan of chocolate.  How sweet is that!  Now the temptation to empty the tube is even greater!  The test tube is from Martha Stewart Crafts and they come 8 to a package.  I have been them at JoAnn’s in the past.  Let your imagination run wild and you can dream up some uses for them that go way beyond the “scary and sweet!

What about pink and blue ones to celebrate a new baby?  What about filling them with lemon drops for a “cheering up”?  What about candy in your school colors with a pennant tag?  Red hots for Valentine’s?  You get the drift!  Thnks to Dee for designing another great project and letting me keep it is as a gift!

Come back tomorrow………I’m serious!  I have a new project for every day this week!!!!

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