Kimi’s Third Birthday

On Saturday, we went to see Kimi and her family.  In case you don’t know Kimi, she was our foster baby a few years ago.  We had her from age 6 weeks to 19 months.  She has alot of special needs, and we were blessed to see her accomplish many things that the “doctors” never thought she would do.  God is so, so good!  She is a rambunctious little toddler that loves life and lives it to the fullest — and we are so happy to see her on a regular basis.  She also has a new “big sister” as her parents have adopted another child who you see in the top photo.  Kimi still seems to know us, and loves seeing our family.  They are such precious people and have graciously allowed us to stay a part of her life.  God is good………all the time!

We enjoyed some “play time” on the floor.  It wears me out, but I love it!

What is  a party without cupcakes!

This was the birthday gang (except for her daddy, John, who took this photo).  Grandparents and family friends — they all live close by!

Stealing sugars from my girl!

Oooohhh………what yummy frosting……..and help from Charles to gobble it all up!

Kimi was very interested in Emmy………but we later discovered she just wanted to steal her headband.  We took it off and tried to hide it in the diaper bag, but no such luck!  Kimi felt the need to wear it (see photo below) and was very angry when we took it away!

I just thought I’d take a day “off” from the crafty posts and share the most meaningful thing that has happened this past week.  I just can’t even begin to explain how special this little girl is to us.  She is still maturing and learning new skills each and every day.  She is amazingly smart, and knows exactly what she wants!  And her precious family — her parents Dolores and John — and the whole extended family have embraced us!  It is just so wonderful to call them friends, and family!  We are bonded together by a precious little baby!

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