Car Seat Cover Baby Gift

Hello friends!  We are home from a weekend at Hardin-Simmons University Homecoming where we spent lots of fun times with Allyson and her roomie.  It was a great weekend, including the football victory on Friday night at our High School Game.  We won with a field goal and no time left on the clock.  It was super-duper exciting, but bittersweet, as we defeated many of our very best friends on the opposing team.

Last week, I wanted to make something special for a baby shower, and I happened upon this tutorial on CLUCK CLUCK SEW.   I love how she also calls it a “Greeter Deterrent” because I know ALL TOO WELL how many people/strangers approach a newborn baby.  It will help keep them away — and their bad germs away!   Sorry about the dark photos………I forgot to take the pictures until after sundown, and I needed to wrap it up.  Here is the cover…….notice the velcro wrap-around straps to attach it securely to the car seat.  This help prevent it from blowing away in the wind.

Side view….

And “peek-a-boo”…….lift it up to check on the baby — or letting the nosy folks see 🙂

And I couldn’t resist a photo of my cute labels.  Love them!

I feel a little guilty that I can’t show you any stamped stuff.  I have not had ANY time in my office.  This is the ONLY thing I have managed to make the past few weeks.  However, my job is slowing down the next week and I should have a little more energy and maybe even a few hours off to work on my Stampin’ Up! business.  I appreciate those of you that have stuck with me, and realized how crazy life has gotten for me this fall.  Football has 2 more weeks of regular season, and band contests ended this past weekend.  It is tapering off………but the holidays are quickly approaching and a whole new level of busy-ness starts.  Oh, dear!



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