Happy Halloween and PawPaw’s going away dinner

Good morning and Happy Halloween!  I must admit, I don’t think about Halloween alot these days, but I did buy the candy and I am looking forward to seeing all the little munchkins out Trick or Treating.  I’m a good sport!  But I’m secretly glad that I don’t have to worry about sewing the “perfect” costumes for the girls any more.  Those were very fun times, but I’m enjoying the break.  Someday, I’ll get back in the groove when there are grandchildren.  SOMEDAY…….not any time soon!  So here’s a little Halloween card for you today using a cute little owl from the hostess set.  My dear girlfriend in Florida HATES the owls, so I couldn’t help but think of her when I created this card.  She will hate my post today!  But I sure do love her…….and love teasing her about my LOVE for owls!!!  Hi, Maria!!!!

Halloween will also be a little sad for us this year.  We have always gone over to my in-laws for dinner and PawPaw took the girls trick-or-treating almost every year.  Our traditional meal is Chili Dogs — yep, so exciting!  But tradition is tradition, and the girls only ate chili dogs once a year.  And Halloween was it!

This year, PawPaw is in Houston at MD Anderson for the start of a Stem Cell Transplant.  He had one done 14 years ago, and it was very successful.  We are praying for the same wonderful results, but they will be gone 2-3 months.  We are all a little saddened because they will be Houston for all of the holidays.  We are going to try and visit as much as we can, but it will depend on HIS health and OUR health through the winter cold and flu season.   Thank you for joining me in prayer and for all your sweet words of encouragement.

We had a family get-together at a local restaurant on Saturday night.  Here are a few photos.  Allyson did not get to come home from college, and Lindsey was there for a tiny bit before heading off to Relay for Life.  There were a great deal of extended family members and we tried so hard to keep the mood up-beat and positive.  We love our PawPaw and wish him the very best!!!

Dawn, Charles Sr., Charles Jr., Linda (my mother and father-in-law)

Sarah and PawPaw

Charles’ sister, Evie (in blue), her husband Randy, PawPaw, and Kelsey (their other daughter is at Tarleton State)

Evie and PawPaw

PawPaw’s sister, Bonnie Sue on the the right, and her daughter, Deb on the left

Charles’ sister, Beth on the left and her husband Eric, on the right

Beth and PawPaw

PawPaw’s dear friend, “mama Helen”

Helen with PawPaw and his siblings, Tommy and Bonnie Sue

And a new picture of me and Charles………I think I like it.  Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t show my hips or thighs, ha!

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