Hot Chocolate Recipe

So, friends………..I just realized that my last post didn’t POST correctly………there was a cute “coffee” card and all types of things on here…….including the WRONG recipe.  Crazy!  I’ll redo that post and get it all right, but I’m headed out the door for our last football game.   I’m not sure what kind of crazy cyber-space alien took my gorgeous card away 🙂

But here is the WORLD’S BEST HOT CHOCOLATE RECIPE……it’s on the stove and going to the football game tonight!

Creamy Hot Chocolate


½ cup baking cocoa

1 can (14 oz)sweetened condensed milk

1/8 t. salt

4 ½ c. water

2 cups milk

1 ½ t. vanilla


In a large saucepan, combine the cocoa, milk, and salt.
Cook and stir over medium heat.
Gradually add water; cook and stir until heated through.  Stir in vanilla.  Top each serving with marshmallows if

(8 servings)

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