Playoff Football…….here we come!

Headed to Huntsville, TX today to see our Lorena Leopards beat the Rusk Eagles.  Yes, we are confident that we are going to win!  I can’t wait to see BOTH my girls cheer together.  Junior Varsity (Sarah) gets to cheer with Varsity (Lindsey) since we are at the playoff level.  I couldn’t be happier and prouder……..and this might be the ONLY time this happens since Lindsey is a Senior.  This is a special moment for mom……and I plan to enjoy it to its fullest!  The weather is perfect — in fact, I bet we come home sunburned!  We are hoping that our Thanksgiving will include another football game!!!

I’ll keep you posted………and show you more of these projects in the next day or two.   The snowman box and the Holly Jolly card were the other 2 projects we did at club last week……details to follow!


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