Prayers please!

Friends………I’m asking extra special prayers today for my Father-in-Law.  Actually, I’m asking for them for the next month or two, also.  Today he will receive his stem cell transplant.  This is a very critical day, and the next 30 days are even more critical.  He has been at MDAnderson in Houston since Halloween receiving chemotherapy and various tests.  They also removed his cells (5 million!) and now they are being transplanted back in.   I appreciate your prayers and they appreciate them even moreso!

I hope to get a few photos taken of some projects I’ve been working on and get them on the blog.  I’ve spent the morning cutting paper for my 2 classes this week, and running things through the Big Shot.  I’m exhausted and it’s not even lunchtime!  I’m sorry I haven’t had many posts lately…….just busy working on personal projects and many of them I don’t want to show you until they are received as gifts.  I’d hate for everyone to see what they are getting!  Have a great day……..and any time you think of me, please think of PawPaw and pray for him!

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