Reindeer Candy Bar Treats

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer…….had a very shiny nose….and if you ever saw it…..ARE YOU SINGING YET?    Well, this is the cutest little treat that my friend Dee made for me.  I actually have TWO special treats from her and some other goodies from friends………so this will be “friend week” on the blog and I’ll show you the adorable things that I have been blessed to RECEIVE.  I am hastily working on my goodies so that I can bless others, too.  It makes my heart happy when I give something to others — and even moreso when it is something made with my hands.

Although I have not opened this treat, I’m assuming that it has a mini candy bar, such as Kit Kat or Hershey’s inside.  It can certainly be adjusted to fit any size candy bar.  You will want to have several of your punches handy, as well as some Red Glitter paper.  Rudolph must “shine so bright”!!!     And ny dear friendm Maria, this is why you need the owl punch that you hate.  You can make reindeer!!!!

Hope you can tell what Dee used for the punches and such……I think you could made a dozen of these in no time!  Enjoy!

So on a personal note, we are going to Houston to see my Father-in-law today.  I’m super excited!  I have also NEVER been to MD Anderson so it will be a touching (and sad) experience for me, too.  I’ve heard from others that it is life changing.  So……..please pray for us to have safe travels (there and back today) and a sweet time of fellowship with my in-laws.  We will head back after the girls are all out of school.

We had our Adult Choir program at church tonight and Sarah made her “debut” performance with the church orchestra!  She did a lovely job playing her French Horn with some much older and more experienced musicians.  We were so proud of her!!!!   Sarah also cut all of her hair off a couple of weeks ago……she looks so much more mature.  (But, no, she doesn’t really ACT more mature)   That can seem good or bad, depending on the circumstance.


It looks really cute when she gets it all styled on her own.  I’m proud of how she is doing wtih the “miantenance” involved and getting it fixed bute every day for school!


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