Visiting PawPaw

Hi, friends!  I have a great project to show you, so check back later today.  I have a few things taking priority this morning…….I have to bake a cake for the auction tonight at the High School Band Concert.  It has to be “spectacular” and bring in lots of money!  Ha!  So…….I’m about to try out my skills and copy something I found on Pinterest………I’ll post photos later and let you know how it turns out tomorrow (money wise).  The money will go to help her account with the band trip at the end of the year.  Here’s hoping for an awesome time in the kitchen today!

So here are a few photos from our visit with PawPaw yesterday.   He is in the midst of some of the most difficult days — lots of nausea and doesn’t feel like eating or doing anything.  He was such a good sport, though, and smiled for the photos.  We FaceTimed with Allyson (and her roomie and her boyfriend — the 3 muskateers as I affectionately call them) and PawPaw was amazed at the technology of seeing her at HSU on a simple little phone call.  It was very special.  And by the way……….she will be home on Thursday afternoon — can you tell I’m a little excited about it!?!?

We were only able to stay in Houston about 3 hours, but really I think that is about all PawPaw can handle right now.  He is so tired.  I’m sure he slept the rest of the day.  Grammy looked great and seems to be holding up pretty well.  She showed us around the hospital portion that he is in, and we went up to the very top floor to an Observation Level.  It is really nice up there, and maybe when PawPaw feels better we can all go sit up there together.  It is an awesome view, but right now he can’t leave his floor he is on.  Yesterday, we never left the room, as he needed platelets.  His blood cell count was 0.3 and it needed to be 4-11.  Yes, I said “0.3”….with a decimal!  He was so low that it almost scared me.  But, I’m sure it will be better.  That’s why it is so critical for us to be healthy and wear all the gear that you see in these photos.

 There really is a SMILE under that mask……….ha!


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