Christmas Baking continues!

Sorry I didn’t get anything posted yesterday afternoon.  You don’t EVEN want me to start telling you all the reasons why I didn’t get any blogging done.  But let’s just say that “things” got in the way, and I needed to earn the “supermom” award of the day.  Lots of little things, and they amounted to some BIG time adjustments and cancelling a dental appointment to make it happen.  But it was a great day, and Sarah’s entry in the cake auction last night netted us $50 toward her band trip!  WOW!  So here is the entry……..a brownie tree!

Well, not quite as pretty as the one featured online……but it was made with lots of heart and soul……..and I got it done in time!  My daughter failed to tell me that it had to be at school by the end of 2nd period……and it was already 2nd period when she called.  So, given the rush on time, I was pleased.   The photo below shows Sarah and her best friend McKenna about to play in the Christmas concert.


And now I’d like to show you the gift that my customer, Erica, brought to me.  A simple little bag – stamped with winter images — and a bag full of stamped cookies.  They are Vanilla Sugar cookies, and they are YUMMY in the TUMMY!  I can’t wait to get the recipe from her.  Notice the bag, the tag, and the cookies……..all courtesy of Stampin’ Up!  Thank you so much, Erica!!!!

These cookies are made with our new Cookie Press.  It comes with 3 different designs now, and 3 different designs are being offered in the Spring, as well.  She also made a gorgeous Christmas Card.  I’ll be showing it to you tomorrow.

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